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"The 1st June was the day I had a tour of the Albert Dock.   I've walked around the area for years but that tour opened my eyes to lots of opportunities in that area. 

Mattel Play stood out the most for me, everyone there was so polite specially the manager. Since that day I have had the urge to work at the docks and have since landed myself a job within the Albert Dock. 

Every place we went on the tour was something new for me as I’ve only visited a handful of shops there but I now know I can be happy knowing that I am working full time thanks to the tour. Thank You"  

Evaluation from Jayne Goddard (Coach Cornwall MYA)

Talent Match Cornwall travelled up to Liverpool to learn more about Talent Match Liverpool and Liverpool as a city. We took part in a tour of Albert Dock. We visited a variety of different shops, residencies and restaurants, some of which were family run businesses, to learn about how they work and the history of each place we visited.

This was a unique and beneficial experience for the Talent Match Cornwall group. In Cornwall, we do have a lot of family run businesses and independent shops, but these do not always prove to be a success in Cornwall and it’s something we should have more of. To learn about other types of these businesses and the history of them was interesting to us all, and for them to share their journeys with us shows pride in what they do.

We also learnt about opportunities that these places had to offer and how each speaker progressed to where they are now. The members found this useful as they learnt ways to progress in a variety of different career paths, this gave them a sense of motivation and they felt inspired after the tour. Also, general information about the city was very interesting. Most of the Cornwall group had never been to Liverpool before, some hadn’t really come too far out of Cornwall before. To learn about the city that we were currently in allowed us to make the most of our trip.

"The tour of Albert Docks was a lot of fun for the Cornish group and the Talent Match Liverpool members that joined us. A very big thank you to everyone involved in making it possible and securing the input of all the business that welcomed us so warmly and with such passion. One of the things that came through strong and clear was the sense of community and the shared sense of the role Albert Dock's has in leading the Liverpool experience. Architecturally and commercially Albert Dock is a shining light for Liverpool and it also shines just as brightly in a social sense in terms of using what it has to offer to support the young people of Liverpool. I loved the vibe and passion behind that. All of the businesses were great with us, please let them know. They were all motivating, inspirational and on the level. The feedback from the group was that they found it easy to engage, interesting and a really encouraging experience that opened their eyes to new things and made them wonder what might be possible for them in the future."

Kind regards, Stephane