The RADLCF has been established as a charitable company in order to utilize the assets of the Dock for the city, and beyond the natural demographic of residents and tourists towards those separated from the Dock by financial and social factors.

The aim is to develop an understanding of the Dock as an ‘asset’ for the City which provides genuine benefit to people of all backgrounds. The RADLCF hopes to engage tenants and residents in welcoming community participation in the dock in a variety of ways. The Charity has chosen its initial approach with a particular emphasis on the education benefits for young people. In parallel, the RADLCF provides the context for the CSR outputs for the Dock and its management team.

School Placements

If you are a Young Person between the age 15yrs  - 19yrs and would be interested in an opportunity to gain work experience at The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool with one of the many businesses, then please get in touch by completing the Enquiry Form here. There will be a range of opportunities including:

  • Hospitality
  • Catering
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Business Administration
  • Retail
  • Reception Desk
  • Business Management

Please look through many of the Work Experience opportunities and email your completed application form over to Betty:……

Educational Tours

The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Charitable Foundation is piloting an opportunity to Showcase the Royal Albert Dock as a resource for leisure, recreation, education and employment opportunities. Young People are being offered the chance to take part in a Tour of The Royal Albert Dock as a strand of its future plans to create an education/training programme for children and young people. This is a chance to hear about training/career opportunities and the Dock’s Heritage and History.

Those Seeking Work

As part of our commitment to education and training, we are establishing a programme to work with those Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).  In 2017 this term described 11.5% of all people aged 16-24, and statistics in the North West exactly follow the national average (compared with just 8.4% in the South East).1

The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Charitable Foundation is working in partnerships to launch a programme in 2020 to provide training and experience for NEETs with the intention of helping individuals from across the Region to become ‘work ready’.

More details will be available on this page, including details of how to be part of our programme.

1Figures from House of Commons Library Briefing Paper SN 06705

Partnership with the Royal Albert Dock

The Trustees are committed to supporting the Royal Albert Dock in their vision for Community Engagement in the Dock’s 175 Strategy.  We shall be working in partnership with the Dock to engage residents and communities in the Liverpool City Region with life in the Dock.

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