Black Lives Matter

We at The Royal Albert Dock Charitable Foundation share the pain and frustration towards systemic racism in the recentĀ Black Lives MatterĀ protests worldwide. We want to emphasise our commitment to always stand in solidarity with and champion the voices of black young people across the country.

The Royal Albert Dock Charitable Foundation stands with the Black community and other BAME communities against all forms of racism and we encourage our partners to do the same.

We are passionate about promoting diversity and are consistently working to empower young people from all backgrounds. We recognise and actively work to alleviate racial inequality and prejudice in all areas of our work.

We urge our partners to engage with members of the BAME community, whether colleagues or service users, to understand their reality and to understand the challenges they face on a day-to-day basis. It is essential that we take it upon ourselves to research more into these issues.

The RADCF is proud to work in a city that is so ethnically diverse and we will continue to ensure that all opportunities are available and accessible to all.