Thanks to Stephane for the positive feedback on one of our Educational Tours@talentmatchliverpool @leathersatchel @decubaliverpool @mattelplay @holidayinnexpress @SeanTheRed72

"The tour of Albert Docks was a lot of fun for the Cornish group and the Talent Match Liverpool members that joined us. A very big thank you to everyone involved in making it possible and securing the input of all the business that welcomed us so warmly and with such passion. One of the things that came through strong and clear was the sense of community and the shared sense of the role Albert Dock's has in leading the Liverpool experience. Architecturally and commercially Albert Dock is a shining light for Liverpool and it also shines just as brightly in a social sense in terms of using what it has to offer to support the young people of Liverpool. I loved the vibe and passion behind that. All of the businesses were great with us, please let them know. They were all motivating, inspirational and on the level. The feedback from the group was that they found it easy to engage, interesting and a really encouraging experience that opened their eyes to new things and made them wonder what might be possible for them in the future."

Kind regards, Stephane