Summer Newsletter 2019

What’s been happening?

The summer Term has brought a whole host of opportunities for young people within our Mersey region.  

The Royal Albert Dock Charitable Foundation has coordinated lots of exciting initiatives including…

11 Student work placements

There have been 11 work placement opportunities for students at various businesses around the Dock. 

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Students experiencing the excitement of working at the Royal Albert Dock

Quote from Ben from Broadgreen International School “I felt like I was part of a team.”  “Now I know what work is like.”

One young lady from Archbishop Blanch C of E School was offered a part time job after a successful week with one of our relatively new eateries - Lunyalita

Quote from Elaine Kinsella, Lunyalita “Kimberly was like a breath of fresh air – she was enthusiastic, engaging and keen to learn new things.  She built up good relationships with staff and customers, very quickly and easily. We were so impressed we have offered her a job and hope that she takes it!”


Quote from Kimberley – Archbishop Blanch SchoolTo summarise my experience at Lunyalita in just a few words would be difficult. From the staff to the restaurant itself was such a splendid place and environment to work at.  It also improved my skills of adapting to different situations as there is always something new to do and learn everyday while I was there.  It went so well that I was also offered a job there part-time if I was free”.

“Finally, on the Friday Betty Boner, (Project Coordinator) and Jeff Dunn, (Schools Parliament Lead) went out of their way to introduce me to people with different job roles and I had never heard of before until then.  This gave me an insight too.  We had a lovely time and it definitely motivated me to keep working hard to achieve my aspirations for the future, Thanks again for everything”!

Apprenticeship Opportunity 

The Foundation is now exploring the possibility of developing an apprenticeship pathway through the Liverpool Apprenticeship Hub following an enquiry from one young student.

Quote from Paul from Fazakerley High School “After being part of this placement I would like to look on apprenticeships once I finish school.”


Year 10 Student from Fazakerley High, working with Estates Team

Quote from Terry, a member of the Estates Team - “Paul’s attitude is very good for a young chap who is willing to do anything asked.  He asks questions, ‘willing to have a go’, punctual, polite, respectful and I would gladly give him a reference for a job in the future”.

Quote from Sean Morrison, Estates Manager – Having had the pleasure of meeting Paul on numerous occasions during his 2 weeks with the Royal Albert Dock Estate Team, it was clear his attitude and aptitude were both an absolute credit to him.  We discussed Paul’s experiences to date and his wishes for the future.  Paul expressed a wish to look at apprenticeships upon leaving school, our conversation  was centred around the importance of High school and further education, attaining the best possible results from his academic time, ultimately giving him the best possible head start in whichever path he chooses in the future.  With Pauls amazing attitude, I am sure he will be a huge success in all future endeavours”.

  Students from Cardinal Heean setting up at Mattel Play

David, Duty Supervisor Mattel Play  

 "The students provided a lot of help across our business and proved to be valuable members of the team."

An 8 Week Internship for Student from Liverpool John Moores University 

The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Ltd (RADL) offered an Internship to a young lady from Liverpool John Moores University.  Ellie has been supporting Kevin Essery, Events Coordinator as his Assistant.  She has been assisting on the delivery of events for Royal Albert Dock Liverpool, specifically the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Food and Drink Festival which is taking place Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September. 

Ellie has worked on obtaining quotes, confirming bookings and sorting out arrangements with partners and suppliers. She has also assisted Kevin, in completing Event documentation and checklists for the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Food and Drink Festival to make sure that all agreements are adhered to. 


Kevin & Ellie, having a well deserved break after setting up on the floating pop-up cinema club

Quote from Kevin Essery - “Ellie has been a very valuable asset to the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Ltd Events and Marketing team. She has assisted on helping us organise our brand new large scale consumer event – Summer on the Dock and has carried out a variety of duties in order to do so, such as sourcing quotes from suppliers, researching relevant celebrity hosts to compare tenant cooking demos, supported with onsite set up logistics and much more. I am certain Ellie will have a bright future in the creative industry and it’s been pleasure to have her on board as a member of the team here”.

Quote from Ellie McPartland, Liverpool John Moores University -

  “I’ve taken part in a really valuable experience putting the things I have learnt in university into real-life practice, in a sector I haven’t worked in before.  It’s been great to be part of such a welcoming team who have assisted my learning whilst working on their fantastic new and re-shaped events schedule this Summer.”

The Development of a Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Adventure Trail

The foundation has been working in partnership with Sefton’s Children’s’ University to develop a Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Adventure Trail for families.  

Students who were part of the ‘Intern to Work’ programme from Bank View High School, Sandfield Park & Greenbank College went out and about around the dock and developed the questions for the trail. 


Young people on ‘Intern to Work’ programme busy developing questions for the Family Adventure Trail.

Quotes from Interns:

“I enjoy thinking of questions”

“Like being part of a new venture”

“Liked working as a team”

“I liked going around the different places to learn about each different place we went to”

“I enjoyed walking around the dock.  I found it fun coming up with the questions and answers”

We are delighted to announce that the family learning Adventure Trail is now available for families to pick up and enjoy.  

Where can I pick up a copy of the Free Adventure Trail?

You can pick up a copy of the Adventure Trail from various locations around the Albert Dock: The NEST Art/Gift Shop: TATE Liverpool: Holiday Inn Express: The Estates Team: Edward Pavilion: The Maritime Museum and more to follow (keep an eye on our website for updates).

Once the adventure trail questions have been answered, you can pop along to ‘The NEST’ (Unit 8 on the Inner Colonnades) to pick up a sticker/badge and or to gain a stamp on your CU passport where you will receive a warm welcome from Katherine or a member of her team.

If your school is not involved with Children’s University then you can still download a copy here,  or pick up a copy of the Adventure Trail at the Royal Albert Dock.


Pick up a copy of the Trail and have fun around the Royal Albert Dock Liverpool

 “A big THANK YOU to our 10 young Interns for their dedication and support”.  Betty Boner, Project Coordinator.

Children’s University Graduation

Two Interns Harry & Jordan and Betty Boner, Project Coordinator were invited as guest speakers to the Children’s University Summer Graduation which took place at Edge Hill University.


Jordan & Harry speaking at Edge Hill University, congratulating students on their hard work

What is Children’s University (CU)?

Children’s University is a charity that works in partnership with schools and partners to develop a love of learning in children. 


They do this by encouraging and celebrating participation in extra-curricular activities in and outside of school. The impact of these activities is proven to be positive which is why they are committed to creating a level playing field of opportunity and opening access to children of all backgrounds.

Supported Internships

In September 2018 both the Maritime Museum and Holiday Inn Express started working with the Intern 2 Work programme by offering 5 young people with special educational needs and disabilities a year long internship.  

The interns have all done an amazing job throughout the year on their placements, they have each grown in confidence and learn many valuable skills to support their employability going forward.

Two of the interns from Holiday Inn Express have now been offered permanent roles within the hotel.  Mark and Michael have now started their roles as Guest Services Assistant, Breakfast within the hotel and are doing a great job.  

Quote from Gareth Davey, Bank View High School

 The year they have spent in the Holiday Inn Express has had a huge impact on the lives of the interns and the opportunities now available to them. Both students have increased their confidence and life skills through the year spent as an intern. They can now travel on public transport independently, communicate with others effectively and attend appointments without requiring support from others.”  


Photos from recent celebration of achievements event held at the Marriot Hotel


All smiles following the presentation of achievements 

Outreach – Archbishop Blanch C of E School

Clare Rawlinson, Head of Marketing and Kevin Essery, Events Coordinator supported Archbishop Blanch School by carrying out Mock Interviews.

As part of our commitment to helping young people with life skills and career guidance, we assisted Archbishop Blanch’ lower sixth form girls with mock interviews. The interviews were competency-based questionnaire provided by the school, and they were given some guidance before meeting the girls. Clare interviewed three very different candidates who all had something very different to offer potential employers.

Quote from Clare Rawlinson, Head of Marketing, Royal Albert Dock Ltd – “I was impressed by their composure and maturity and I hope that I was able to give them some assistance with future interviews. As they answered I gave them feedback on how they might think about how this will transfer to skills and behaviours needed in the workplace. For example, one girl did no out of school activities, being a carer for a younger sibling. She didn’t see what she was doing as a skill, when her empathy and negotiation skills will be highly developed. 

I found it a very worthwhile exercise and hope it helped the girls in their future interviews. Happy to help with any such activities to support the Foundation”.


Thanks to our partners, schools/colleges & universities who have been involved with the Foundation over this period

Partners - Holiday Inn Express: Elevate, Sefton EBP: CBRE: Mattel Play: Yodel: Hampson Hughes: Lunyalita: Clockwise: Stone Management: THINK Publicity: Maritime Museum: The Tate: Royal Albert Dock Liverpool Ltd

Sefton EBP- Elevate: MPloy: Career Connect

Schools/Colleges/Universities – Broadgreen International: Archbishop Blanch C of E: Fazakerley High: Cardinal Heenan: John Moores University: Petroc College: All Saints 6 Form: Greenbank College: Bank View: Sandfield Park and St John Bosco