Comments from Sandfield Park School – Learning Mentor

Our involvement with the Albert Dock Foundation Trust has been so positive - this experience has been down to the excellent partnership with Betty and her liaison with the organisations, who we are now we are working with; namely Zac and the team from Mattel, Helen and her team from the Holiday Inn and Jacqueline from the Colonnades - everyone we have been involved with has ensured that everything has is so well organised for when the young people have arrived - the planning has been exemplary and this has ensured that the experience have been the best for the young people.

The young people look forward to their time in the different organisastions every week - one of the young people was really nervous and was not quite sure if she wanted to do something a bit different, but now she looks forward to going every week, her confidence is really increased and has had a positive impact on her well being.

The Albert Dock Foundation is doing some really brilliant work to support young people and it makes such a difference and has such a positive impact. We have really appreciated the commitment made to supporting our pupils and would like to thank Betty and the Foundation very much for the support. We are looking forward to continuing the partnership and supporting more young people with more opportunities along with the development of Supported Internships to make a real change to employment opportunities for disabled young people. 

Sarah Spoor